What items do you accept?


  • Children’s clothing size newborn and up
  • Adult size clothing (including women’s plus size and men’s big & tall) that is style appropriate for teens
  • Shoes (especially gym shoes)
  • Pajamas
  • Coats and jackets
  • Socks & underwear (new in package)
  • Winter hats and gloves


Do you take shoes?

YES! We especially love getting gym shoes. Many schools require a child have gym/sneaker style shoes in order to participate in P.E.


My own kids need help. How do I request clothes?

Clothe Our Kids of Lincoln County, Inc. works exclusively through local schools and the TN Department of Children’s Services to clothe children in need. We are NOT set up to clothe children directly through parent’s requests.

However, we have a system in place to help your child:

1. Please call or visit your child’s school guidance counselor and let them know about your child’s clothing/shoe needs.

2. Your child’s counselor will then contact us so we can fill the request.

3. Your child’s counselor will notify you when your child’s clothing is available for pick-up. All clothes will be picked up at the school. 



I know you clothe children through schools and DCS (Department of Children’s Services) in Lincoln County, but which kids do you clothe in the other counties?

We currently clothe kids in Lincoln, Marshall, Bedford, Moore, Franklin, Coffee, Grundy and Giles Counties. However, logistically, we are only able to clothe children through DCS in the counties outside of Fayetteville/Lincoln County. We simply don’t have a practical way to transport clothes to surrounding school systems.

However, we would love to teach others how to replicate our system with an independent chapter of Clothe Our Kids in their own communities so more school children can be reached.  

Please email us clotheourkids@gmail.com for more info.


Is Clothe Our Kids a ministry of Fayetteville First United Methodist Church?

No...and Yes!

Clothe Our Kids of Lincoln County, Inc.  is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are not legally affiliated with any specific church. However, after hearing of our need for more space, Fayetteville First United Methodist Church graciously opened both their hearts and doors to us. They offered the use of one of their buildings because they believed in our mission and wanted to invest in the lives of local children. We feel honored and blessed to have their support and know there is no way we could do what we are doing without FUMC. We are truly grateful for their partnership and passion for our community.


I am a teacher in Fayetteville/Lincoln County, TN and I have a student in need of clothing and/or shoes. How do I make a request?

We work closely with each of our school counselors and prefer the request come through them. This helps stream-line our efforts and avoids mix-ups. Simply talk to your school’s guidance counselor and ask them to email us with a formal request. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have about our referral process.


I am a case worker with the TN Department of Children’s Services and have a child(ren) on my case load in need of clothing/shoes. How do I make a request?

Simply email us at clotheourkids@gmail.com and we will set up the verification and referral process with you.



Yes! Clothe Our Kids of Lincoln County, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations made are tax-deductible.